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Deliver Real Dolls Spirits from Japan

Dolls Gift Shop is an online shopping site run by Dolls Museum, which locates in Ishikawa(Kanazawa), Japan showing rich Doll’s history (including original pieces of Dolls, Kokeshi and so forth).

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  • $131.59

    The doll wears a Kimono traditional Japanese costume which is designed with maple leaf and camellia patterns. This Kimono is so cute and based around the beautiful pink color. The big flower that was drawn at the foot is camellia. The language of a camellia “Modest splendor” and “No airs and graces” , that means represent the japanese sense of beauty toward women. Camellia patterns are loved as one of the traditional patterns of Japanese patterns, which are known as patterns that can be selected by many Kimonos. Although the flowering season is fixed, but the leaves are always blue, so it is also called Kichijoki or Tokiwaki, and it…

  • $93.99

     The color combination of this lady’s Kimono (traditional Japanese costume), mainly red, gold, and pink, gives this work an elegant appearance. The cherry blossom pattern decorates the background. This flower pattern has been appreciated as a traditional and symbolic motif of Japan. As it blooms with many flowers, it is regarded as the sign of good luck.  The peony is designed for her Kimono. People consider that its large petals represent nobility and beauty; so, peony is a symbolic flower that is likened to women’s beauty. You would find another kind of flower on her hand. She brings a fan, and it is decorated with Tsubaki (椿, camellia). Camellia is…

  • $112.79

     The color combination of this lady’s Kimono (traditional Japanese costume) and the background’s purple color make an elegant appearance. She holds a bunch of Japanese wisteria flower and put it on her shoulder. This flower has been appreciated for a long time, and people enjoy using it when they make poems. As Japanese wisteria blooms in a row, people consider it shows how love deepens. She beams sweetly with her eyes downcast. Her expression creates not only charming but also a mysterious and melancholy atmosphere.  Ume (梅, Japanese apricot blossom) is described on the backside. Sho-Chiku-Bai (松竹梅) is the popular motif; it is the combination of three plants: pine tree,…

  • $28.20

    人形ミュージアムオリジナル商品 日本国内発送料無料 (北海道、沖縄は除く) (海外への発送をご希望の方はご相談ください。) 素材:磁器 大きさ:縦 13.7 cm × 横 8 cm × 奥行 7.5 cm ※商品画像内の彩色されたお人形は全て参考作品です。  お届けは色付け前の磁器のお人形になります。 ※金額はお人形1体分です。